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Nanny Bus Solar Package

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Solar Package
partnership with 
BattleBorn Batter
ies + aHHa Solar

The Package we used to build out our Nanny's Quarters can be yours for only $11,999 (originally $13,493.17)!


This package has everything you need* to power your van, shuttle bus, or short skoolie just like our Nanny Quarters.


We partnered with Battle Born Batteries and aHHa Solar to build this kit! aHHa Solar can even rent** you all the tools you need to complete this kit.


Not only do you get everything you need to do this, but Shane (Arbour Season) and Dan

(aHHa Solar) both will be available*** to help you with the project! As when I needed help, I had Dan to call and walk me through the steps. He is putting together a video pack for those times he is available. 


After purchasing the package we will coordinate a dream session with Shane, Dan and you. During this dream session we will make sure this package is right for you. If we feel you need more batteries or are driving a longer rig we will adjust accordingly before shipping everything out to you. After it arrives Dan and Shane will get on a video chat with you to walk you through the tools and the 101 tutorial.


This package is powerful enough to run Air Con, Water Boilers, your basic amenities we all have come to enjoy over the years! 


* Solar Panel, nor Solar Panel Racking Included.

**Renting will be purchasing tools at MSRP. We know life happens; so we project you will have the tools for 2/3 months. Contact Dan for a shipping label and we will provide you with 75% Refund on tools as long as they are still in like new condition. If you need more time let us know ahead of time.

*** Still working on the exact quantity of chat time. Between the Dream session, 101 tutorial, finally committing to doing this session, and videos you will be comfortable with your system and understand it better than most do!


$13,493.17 for only $11,999

Let’s Build Together

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